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straw marquetry

restoration | manufacture


One of only a few specialists for straw world wide.

Transforming straw into gold - as a child that seemed absolutely impossible to me. Every time I heard the fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin who helped the young miller daughter spinning straw into gold, I knew: That must be wizardry. I would have never dreamed that it really is possible to transform such an omnipresent and unremarkable material into precious objects of gold shining grace.


​But when I caught sight of straw marquetry for the first time made by straw casket maker Hering, which did not loose any of its gloss after 300 years, I excitedly reminisced about the fairytale. What a gorgeous play of light in the shimmering straws generated by their gleam! How bright the colors were in the inner of the caskets after all this time! And all of it assembled by a very skillful hand to delicate pictures. From that point on straw marquetry didn't let me go again.


Enthusiastically I discovered more and more objects that were so finely made, that they only could be presented in cabinets of wonder or must have been made for wealthy art lovers. But also less exquisite pieces possess the appealing aura that straw marquetry radiates. Their omnipresence at all times in history - since they occurred in the 17th century - and made by so many different people in such distinguishing ways shows that straw marquetry was common and popular in all social classes at all times. When I produce and restore straw marquetry today, the thought that I am keeping a centuries old craftsmanship alive, preserving the objects for coming generations and testifying to the lives of the past is an everlasting inspiration.


2018             Foundation of straw marquetry - restoration | manufacture 

2017              Publication in the exhibition catalog „Stroh - so kostbar wie Gold“ (straw

                      - as precious as gold) for the same-titled exhibition at the St. Annen-Museum

2016             Master thesis: „A casket decorated with straw marquetry from the St.

                     Annen-Museum in Lübeck - Technological examination and development

                     of a conservation and restoration concept"

                     Honored at the Post-Doc prize as one of the best final papers

2013             Bachelor thesis: „Examination of the coherence between the electrical

                     conductivity of a surface and the electrical conductivity of cleaning

                     solutions applied on it"

2012             Working seven month at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


since 2011      Self-employed restorer 

2008 - 2010   Internship as preparation for my studies at the Berlin restoration 

                      enterprise Boris Kabanadze

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