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straw marquetry

restoration | manufacture


Handmade, blue ribbon, unique.

Straw marquetry can only be produced using manual labor. It doesn't require any big machines or complicated devices, only simple tools. Instead it takes even more skill, preciseness and most of all patience. It costs a lot of time and effort to open straw after straw, to flatten them, to adjust them precisely against each other on a support and afterwards assemble the picture elements exactly. In this way extraordinary objects are created. Mainly the iridescence and shimmering of the straws contribute to the appeal of these exceptional artworks.


The barley straw (which is currently used for straw marquetry) is cultivated only in France nowadays and is harvested mainly by hand. Previously the straw was grown exclusively for the purpose of artistic processing. Thus, it was possible to gain particularly long, thin and flexible straws. The straw can be tinted by dyestuffs in all conceivable colors. Afterwards the straw is processed exclusively by hand. Not only furniture and caskets, but also wall paneling and jewelry can be decorated with the wonderful straw marquetry in different designs. The finished artworks don't require any coating - thanks to the natural wax layer on top of the straw (called cuticle). It’s absolutely sufficient to polish the marquetry one more time with a bone tool to emphasize its natural silky golden gloss.


Today only a few people in the world have mastered this old handicraft. With this unusual technique precious and unique objects can be created in which traditional craftsmanship merges with modern design. Upon request I also realize custom ideas and drafts.

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